I'm a freelance web developer. I build mobile friendly and functional websites.

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frequently asked questions


How much does a website cost?


  • 1st - There are domain name fees.
    • First you need to determine what you want your domain name to be
    • Then you need to determine if that domain name is available at your domain name registrar (like domains.google) or a Hosting service (like bluehost.com or godaddy.com)
    • So, that domain name could cost you $12/year if you're a .com  or $15/year if you're a .biz  or $60/year if you're a .attorney
  • 2nd - There are hosting service fees.
    • Your website needs to be run from an internet hosting server.
    • Internet hosting providers can charge from $36 to $170 per year (depending the size of your site).
  • 3rd - There are web development costs.
    • Someone needs to build and/or maintain your website (me, me, me!!)
    • This can vary a lot depending on the size and complexity you need.


Will I be able to edit the content of my own website?


It depends how the website is built.
I design/build websites so the user can edit much of their own content.


will my website look good on any device?


I build websites so they are mobile friendly. This is very crucial nowdays since there are a varity of sizes of cell phones and computers.